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Have you ever wanted something but you weren’t quite sure you should spend the money? Recently that is exactly what happened to me. I wanted a meat slicer so I could shave my own picnic hams. (My husband loves ham.) So what would you do if you wanted something that wasn’t in the budget? Most of the time that answer is to simply do without. But this time I ended up getting the best deal, (an absolutely fantastic deal)  and now I won’t quit watching for these deals to come around again.

I came up with a way to get what I “needed” without spending any extra money at all!

Best Deal Don't Miss!

Ready for the best deal that I have come across?

Goal: Buy a meat slicer without taking money out of the budget.

I already work a crazy number of hours a day so an extra job was out of the questions. But then I remembered something my friend told me.

Recently, my assistant told me that she was saving money by getting points back after she shopped at Kmart. Points don’t usually excite me that much. My assistant was talking about how she actually got some things free. That got my attention because I am always on the lookout for the best deal. But money was kind of tight and I just dismissed it as something I couldn’t afford, even if it was a great deal.

Lynn had told me about getting 100% points back from Shop Your Way when shopping at Kmart. She knew it was the best deal to come around in a while and that only lasted until the end of the month. But now I was curious if I could make this work for me. Could I really get something for nothing?

Whether you were raised to be frugal or if this is new to you, I am sure that you can see how sometimes it can be fun to see if you can find the best deal and just how much you can save. When you hear how things turned out you will want to try it too!

Make Sure You Don't Miss The Best Deal Ever Next Time

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The wheels started turning and I figured if I was going to spend about $50 on a meat slicer that I might as well get 100% points and double my purchase value. I went to the Shop Your Way site and was not very happy when I couldn’t get 100% points by buying a meat slicer, it wasn’t a qualified purchase. I almost gave up. But I hate to give up.

I started looking for the Smart Sense stuff on sale (Lynn had mentioned those specifically) and she put $55.68 worth of items in her cart.  Hold on, it’s not what you think. These were items that always come out of her budget anyway. (toilet tissue, aspirin and an over the counter generic version of Prilosec) I didn’t buy anything frivolous or that wouldn’t last. Because I always shops the sales and stay fairly stocked up despite a very low budget I was able to use a little more than a week of her grocery budget on items that were supposed to come out of the budget at a later date.

So here is how I ended up getting a meat slicer totally free:

  1. I went to 
  2. I looked at all of the surprise points read the terms.
  3. I finally listened when my assistant told me about a really great deal.
  4. I didn’t give up when it didn’t appear it would work. I just worked within the rules for the outcome I wanted.
  5. I got the most of the deal but didn’t get so carried away that I ruined my budget.
  6. My past habits of stocking up allowed me to use the money on hand in the best possible way.

Once I made the qualifying purchases my account was credited in reward cash to spend. Shop Your Way also kept adding surprise points that were valid when I purchased from a certain category and spent a certain amount. I was sure that I would have to take at least ten dollars out of my pocket for the meat slicer but in the end I got it 100% free including shipping!


How I Got Free Medicine and a Free Meat Slicer!

I was thrilled and so excited that I checked my account again after this purchase. I even received another 20,099 points. ($20.99) I wasn’t about to let that go to waste so I purchased more of the OTC medicine my Dr. had just recommended. (After all it was a budgeted item now.)

Results: I was looking for the best deal and saved more money than I ever imagined.


How I Got Free Medicine and a Free Meat Slicer!


All total, I got $135.48 worth of products for $53.31.  That is $82.17 worth of free stuff!


Unfortunately that particular sale has ended so why am I telling you all of this? Well it certainly isn’t to brag but Shop Your Way always seems to have some kind of sale. If you get on their mailing list you will be notified when they add surprise points or if there is a major sales happening.  I just found my husband some Jeans for $16.99 and got back $15.17 in points to use on my next purchase. The key to remember is to always buy things you planned on buying anyway and that would already have to come out of your budget.

How I Got Free Medicine and a Free Meat Slicer!

It would be easy to get carried away and keep buying things because you keep getting money back, but if you stick with the necessities you will win every time! My advice is to bookmark the page, visit often and only take advantage of the very best deals.

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*This is not a sponsored post. I just like sharing great deals and great stories when things go right.

Do you use Shop Your Way?  Have you found another great way to save? Share it with us!

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