Don’t Throw Those Carrots Away – Revive Them!

Have you ever had carrots that you just weren’t sure if they were fresh? We were recently given a large bunch of carrots. Right away I had plans for them; I was going to make a stew with whatever leftover meat I had on hand that week. It turns out that I had some pork on hand from making pulled pork sandwiches. (I separated the meat before adding the barbecue sauce of course.) I was really in the mood for some stew since I hadn’t made any for a while due to the warm weather.

My meat was of course already cooked as I mentioned and I got out the slow cooker to add my ingredients. When I got the carrots out, I found that some were, in fact, slimy and spoiled. Others were rubbery and didn’t look attractive at all. I was all ready to settle for just some meat and potatoes in the stew when I decided to turn to the internet for some help.

Don't Throw Those Carrots Away - Revive Them!

I found this post on the boat galley  about reviving rubbery vegetables. Basically, to break it down you put your rubbery carrots in ice water to revive them. Since this site was from someone on a boat, they stated that they found it worked at room temperature as well.

Reviving carrots

I wasn’t entirely convinced but decided to give it a try. I washed, scraped and cut my carrots and placed some in a bowl with room temperature water.


Reviving Carrots


The other bowl of the same type and size I filled with ice water and put my carrots in and left both bowls for 2 hours. Now they don’t look bad, so I tasted them to see if these steps were even necessary. The carrots had a rubbery kind of taste.

When I came back, I found that both bowls tasted good. The bowl with the room temperature water had carrots that appeared a bit more orange. The ice water bowl seemed to have a look that was more realistic, and these were my favorite.

In fact, you can revive many vegetables that you might have considered tossing out. Here are a list and directions for saving many vegetables.

Long story short, I made the stew with the carrots and potatoes and leftover pork, and it was wonderful! We have enough left for another meal of it again this week, or I could always freeze it. In fact, if you make a double batch of food every time you cook you will save money on your electric bill because you cut down on the energy used and you will save time.


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