Everyone Played Games at Grandma’s House

One of my grandma’s houses was the hub for the entire family. You just knew you were going to have a good time at Grandma’s house. We would pretty much always eat dinner when we visited . The thing was that it wouldn’t just be my Grandma and Grandpa but there would usually be a couple of aunts and uncles there along with some of my cousins. I often wonder today since those dinners weren’t planned how there was always enough food at Grandma’s table.

But this post isn’t about the meals when we visited grandma’s. This is about what we did after the meals. Well, after cleaning up that is. One thing was for certain if you ate at Grandma’s house you helped clean up after the meal. It was okay though because you always knew that once the clean up was done you got to have fun and play games with the grown ups.

Everyone Played Games at Grandma's House lifewithgrandma.com

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What did we do? We played games. Sometimes it would just be the adults but for the most part as soon as we were old enough to understand the game they were playing we were included. There were two games that were played most of the time. The first was one of my favorites and I am sure went a long way toward my love of math, Yahtzee. But we didn’t play Yahtzee like other people play. We played the entire sheet at one time with a few rules added in.

Yahtzee was one of the most played games at Grandma's house lifewithgrandma.com

The other game that we played was Cribbage. This took me much longer to learn and I don’t think I played this one with them until I was in Junior High School which at the time was 7th and 8th grade.

Cribbage at lifewithgrandma.com

Sometimes we would play other games like Domino’s and Uno when everyone wanted to play something different. 

They did have one game that even the littlest kids could play. That was called Skunk. Does anyone remember that game? You could keep adding points by rolling the dice but if you got a skunk you lost your points. So basic but we have tons of fun. Now I think you can only find it on ebay.

Uno at Grandma's lifewithgrandma.com

The whole point is that it was fun at Grandma’s house because everyone was included. When I was too little to play I remember watching TV in the living room and not causing any trouble. It isn’t like I was going to misbehave at my grandparent’s house because I adored them. No one had to worry then that there would be anything inappropriate on the television because that simply wasn’t allowed back then. Most of the time it seems I remember watching The Price is Right with Bob Barker.

Wheel of Fortune at lifewithgrandma.com

We didn’t do things that ever cost any money when we went to my grandma’s house so why is it that we had so much fun?

I realize that much has changed today and the kids would have their own stuff to do but I urge you to visit Grandma at least once a week if you are close and at least once a month leave the electronics at home so that everyone actually has the opportunity to connect.

What was your favorite thing to do at your grandma’s house? If you have a special memory we would love to hear it.


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