Grandma’s Secret For Keeping Shoes Clean

One of the fond memories I have of my Grandma Bohlman is that she always had the cleanest tennis shoes you ever wanted to see. I can remember pairs of tennis shoes sitting on the back steps drying just about every time I went to her house, which was often. I never could figure out her secret for keeping them so clean.

Grandma's Secret For Keeping Shoes Clean at

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She lived in a day when you didn’t leave the house without getting fixed up first. That meant make-up which basically consisted of face powder and lipstick. Of course it meant perfect hair covered in tons of hair spray.
Usually, my grandma and aunt didn’t go out without changing into nicer clothes even though I thought what they were wearing to begin with was pretty nice. I was a kid, what did I know?

Grandma's Secret For Keeping Shoes Clean at

But back to the shoes…they were always the same style of shoe-canvas tennis shoes. But she must have had every solid color they ever made. I don’t remember her ever wearing flowered or anything but a solid color. Grandma just threw them in the washing machine and always had brand new looking sneakers every single day. I always wondered what her secret was for always having clean shoes even after it was muddy outside. One day she told me that she put 1/2 cup of baking soda in the washing machine with them along with her normal laundry detergent. This worked no matter what color they were. How come when I try washing my tennis shoes the insides come out and I basically ruin them every time?

Grandma’s Secret For Keeping Shoes Clean at

I love my Crocs. Especially the lined ones this time of year!

I wonder what Grandma would have thought of my Crocs or my Reebok’s? She wasn’t a snob or anything, but things were different then. I love my Crocs about as much as she probably loved her canvas tennis shoes. And of course her shoes always matched what she was wearing. She usually had a neutral purse but not the shoes, they were kind of her signature look.


Our family back then was pretty close knit and we were at grandma’s house a lot. I can’t imagine not being close to my grandmother. I hope you have a wonderful relationship with your grandparents!

Did or does your grandma have anything that stands out in your mind that you will probably always remember?

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