Save Money On Prescription Drugs

We have no health insurance which means we also have no prescription drug coverage. How can we afford medicine then? Well quite a few years ago now we found a place called Rx Outreach and it has been our pharmacy for most of our prescription drugs every since. They are not welfare and many people qualify to use their services.

Save Money on Prescription Drugs



They are a reputable pharmacy out of St. Louis, Missouri. Naturally, they are fully accredited and all of their prescriptions drugs are FDA approved and come straight from the manufacturer.

You do have to enroll to be sure that you quality but the guidelines make it easy to qualify. For instance, a single person will qualify if they do not make over $35,640 a year (based on 2017 data). A couple can make up to $48,060 a year and still qualify. You can find the eligibility guidelines here.

You  may even still qualify if you have Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance or even ObamaCare. If you receive patient assistance for some medications you can still order from Rx Outreach for other prescription drugs you need.

They do not carry every medication but their list is quite extensive. See if your medications are on this list.  It even includes pricing which for some medications is as low as $20 for a 180 day supply. We definitely save money on most medications by purchasing them through Rx Outreach.

For those medications that they don’t carry, I downloaded a card from this site and I even save on pain medication. There are many Rx drug cards out there. My suggestion is to take three to your pharmacist and let them tell you which one works best for you.

If neither of those two things work and you really need some expensive medicine, check to see if there is a patient assistance program from the manufacturer of the medication you take. Sometimes you may even qualify to get your medication free if you meet their guidelines.

Find Johnson & Johnson here.

Find Pfizer here.

Sometimes your health department might have a program to help you find and apply for the programs that might be able to help you. If not, Google is your friend.

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